Birth place

This short film was very interesting in my opinion. It is very hard to believe that these women had to withstand these conditions during childbirth. These women were just all thrown in hallways all on top of each other while being in pain. For them its not that big of a deal because that’s all they know and are used to but coming from here I’m used to seeing where at most 2 women share a room after childbirth and during they are in a room completely on their own. It was also kind of heart breaking to hear these clinic personnel basically pressuring that woman to get her tubes tied when she really didn’t want to. She wanted to wait for the next time she gave birth and they were kind of not giving her an option to do what she wanted. I feel like us as a nation should be trying to make an effort to go down and help them by maybe building more hospitals or even providing more medical assistance. These places are in great need and I feel like we never hear about things like this where the help is actually really needed.

Supersize Me

This film is extremely disturbing and painful to watch, especially since i have recently given up McDonald’s for good. Just knowing that is the food that I used to put into my body, and i know that it is different now because there is no more supersize option but the chemicals and operation of the company is still the same. The company really doesn’t care for their clientele as long as they are still providing them with profit. This man pretty much risked his life to help try to prove a point and try to change the way that McDonald’s functions. Towards the end of the film he was constantly trying to contact someone from the higher end of the company to get an interview and he NEVER got any type of response or attempt of getting contacted back. It’s crazy how these big corporations really don’t care about the health and well being of their consumers just as long as the continue to receive their income. Big businesses never wanna be faced with the fact that they could have done something wrong or be in  the mist of bad publicity. Everything pretty much needs to always be honky dory with their image and the way that they run things, in their eyes if anything bad or wrong happens its because of the faults of the consumers. This film was very difficult to watch and take in all the information especially since I have been eating this food ever since I could remember. And even when I see children eating fast food now that I am not eating it anymore it really bothers me to see them ingesting these FAKE foods, because that’s basically exactly what it is , it’s nothing but processed junk, there’s nothing real about it.

10 Minutes older

This short film was very entertaining for me, since I am a teacher’s assistant. On a daily basis I constantly see all different types of facial expressions based on the different things that we do with them. Children are very fascinating and complex individuals, they are constantly observing and learning everything that is around them. Everything to them is brand new seeing how everything is a new experience. Children have no type of filter, they say whatever comes to mind and they aren’t afraid to say what they feel or see. They are 100% open minded because they don’t know anything other than trying new things and asking questions since they have no experiences to base their judgments against. This film was a little intense to an extent, mainly because I’m not sure how ethical it is to purposely scare a child to the point of hysterics constantly just for the purpose of a film. Then again I don’t know what the agreement before hand was between the director and the child’s parents, they may have given the director full range to conduct his experiment. which is another way to look at how things are done with children from the ages of birth to I would say about the age of 3 everything is a huge experiment on what they like, dislike, etc. I also kind of wish that there would have been a part two to this documentary to get the child to explain what they saw and how they felt about it. That is also fun to hear the way in which a child at that young age explains things seeing how they don’t always have all the appropriate words to describe things.

Trapped: Netflix Film

This film really hit a nerve not because of a personal experience but because of my own beliefs on life. The film is based on the topic of abortion and the individuals involved whether it be the people against it, the people getting the abortion done, or the people doing the procedure. This film was getting into the facilities and filming what the rooms for the procedure looks like and even getting the story from the individuals who worked in these facilities and their side of what its like to work there when they are unable to make appointments because of the laws being passed. People in this society are making these laws to make it more and more difficult for these procedures to take place. There was one part of the film that attracted my attention the most, there was a 13 year old girl who was gang banged and was trying to book an appointment but because of everything that was happening and that they couldnt book her appointment for that day, they had to turn this poor child away. That to me is outrageous, this child now has to go and have a child just because of some horrible men decided to abuse her and she wasn’t given the opportunity to take care of it. No child asks to be put in this world, and i 100% feel like it is the women’s right to her body. I understand other individuals stand on its everyone’s right to life but at the same time by not allowing these women to choose in a way we are basically taking away that woman’s right to her own life. I understand this is a touchy subject for a lot of people but i just felt a need to share my opinion on this film since it hit home so much.

My Transgender Kid: Netflix Film

Bringing myself to watch this film was a little hard for me seeing how I do have my own feelings towards this topic. Watching this film made me realize that myself as a parent in the future would have dealt with a situation like this much differently then the way these parents dealt with it. Not to say the way they handled it is wrong, its just very different from myself. These parents were allowing their 7 year old children transform themselves to the opposite gender from which they were born. They were allowing them to make the choice on going to school in this way and changing their names completely. I’m not saying that it is wrong to become transgender or that it doesn’t exist, but what i am saying is that i don’t feel that is the appropriate age to allow that change to happen. I feel like as a parent you should tell your child in this instance that they undersgtand how they are feeling and the things they want but as for now to just grow up as a child and when they gain experience understanding of the world and what they are saying then they can make a decision as big as that one. At the age of 7 they don’t fully understand the consequences that will happen from their decisions and actions. I feel like now a days parents are too eager to have their children grow up and become adults. Parents now a days don’t allow their children to be just that children.

Who took Johnny

I was searching on Netflix and came across this documentary about a child named Johnny Gosch. This documentary was based on the events that occurred after his kidnapping through the law enforcement, the struggles of his parents, and his struggles while being captured. This case began in 1982 and to this day Johnny is still considered as a missing person. For a long time the police and the FBI were just looking at this case as a kid who ran away from home nobody felt it was possible for an individual to just snatch up a child in broad day light without there being any evidence or crime scene. Back at that period of time nobody really knew or understood the words pedophile or child sex trafficking. These terms and thoughts of this happening were unheard of. This case was the change to the fact of police having to wait 72 hours before taking action on a missing child. This went on for 30 years with out any word or knowledge of Johnny being alive to his mother. One day a man named Paul came forward and told his truth on the things he was forced to do to Johnny as well as many other children being abducted, he also explained the things that these children were also being forced to do and how there was pictures and videos being taken of these actions. Police felt he was an unreliable witness and was later diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder caused by the sexual trauma he endured. So much evidence was brought up that could have been investigated and the police as well as the FBI refused to seek interest in it or just shot down the idea of any evidence being present. There were even pictures that were brought to their attention of young boys being tied up and gagged that was posted on a child pornography website that they sought out to be unfounded. This to me makes me sick to my stomach, I honestly feel (after watching this documentary) that there must have been some individuals on the police force that had to  be involved with these crimes. Its just so hard for me to believe that these officers would just turn a blind eye to this if they weren’t somehow involved or knew what was going on.

Child Sexual Abuse

Before watching this video I had to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to hear and feel as these individuals spoke about their experiences and/or actions. I needed to put myself (to the best of my ability) in an unbiased state of mind to try and understand the different point of views that are present in these situations. I began watching this and it began to bring up emotions and feelings that I thought were resolved and done with. This video goes to show that as a victim or even as the abuser these thoughts, feelings, and memories never fully go away. No matter how hard you try to forget or push the emotions all the way back to the end of your brain it will always be there. We as people need to learn that we may forgive the incidents and the individuals involved but we can never forget. That being said, I as well struggle with this idea of forgiving but not forgetting, it isn’t fun having to constantly looking over your shoulder or having to process every move that is made before it is made. Life is full of obstacles for any individual, but kin my opinion anyone who has to go through this is the biggest obstacle you will ever have to face. People honestly don’t know what it feels like unless they go thro

ugh it themselves and even watching a video like this, of coursed any person will have emotions about what they saw and heard but as an individual who doesn’t physically know what it feels like they can watch it and go about their day as normal as any other day, they really don’t have to think about it and analyze the words that an abuser may say or do to be an excuse for what they have done to another individuals life.