Child Sexual Abuse

Before watching this video I had to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to hear and feel as these individuals spoke about their experiences and/or actions. I needed to put myself (to the best of my ability) in an unbiased state of mind to try and understand the different point of views that are present in these situations. I began watching this and it began to bring up emotions and feelings that I thought were resolved and done with. This video goes to show that as a victim or even as the abuser these thoughts, feelings, and memories never fully go away. No matter how hard you try to forget or push the emotions all the way back to the end of your brain it will always be there. We as people need to learn that we may forgive the incidents and the individuals involved but we can never forget. That being said, I as well struggle with this idea of forgiving but not forgetting, it isn’t fun having to constantly looking over your shoulder or having to process every move that is made before it is made. Life is full of obstacles for any individual, but kin my opinion anyone who has to go through this is the biggest obstacle you will ever have to face. People honestly don’t know what it feels like unless they go thro

ugh it themselves and even watching a video like this, of coursed any person will have emotions about what they saw and heard but as an individual who doesn’t physically know what it feels like they can watch it and go about their day as normal as any other day, they really don’t have to think about it and analyze the words that an abuser may say or do to be an excuse for what they have done to another individuals life.

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