Blog Instructions

Each student will be responsible for 10 blog posts, written between weeks 2-12 of the course.  (20% of your course grade)

TOPIC for your posts:

Within the wider course topic, the topics of these posts are up to you. You may write responses to our readings (perhaps you have a question about the reading or a disagreement with it that you want to voice) or viewings (perhaps you found one particular scene or character from a film in class compelling, write about it!). Think of these posts as weekly response papers related to the course. Perhaps you saw a documentary on TV, online, or in a movie that you want to share (via a YouTube clip or other visual material) and write about, the blog is perfect for this.

Each of the posts should be 300-400 words (about one double-spaced page). And at least 4 of these 10 posts must be comments to your peers’ posts. I encourage you to post and comment on your peers’ posts more informally whenever you want. The goal of this blog is to stimulate dialogue beyond our classroom.

Note on style: Blog posts are less formal than the writing you’ll do for the graded assignments in this course, but I still expect them to be thoughtful and free of errors.