Birth place

This short film was very interesting in my opinion. It is very hard to believe that these women had to withstand these conditions during childbirth. These women were just all thrown in hallways all on top of each other while being in pain. For them its not that big of a deal because that’s all they know and are used to but coming from here I’m used to seeing where at most 2 women share a room after childbirth and during they are in a room completely on their own. It was also kind of heart breaking to hear these clinic personnel basically pressuring that woman to get her tubes tied when she really didn’t want to. She wanted to wait for the next time she gave birth and they were kind of not giving her an option to do what she wanted. I feel like us as a nation should be trying to make an effort to go down and help them by maybe building more hospitals or even providing more medical assistance. These places are in great need and I feel like we never hear about things like this where the help is actually really needed.

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  • May 23, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    I completely agree, the conditions they where living in after just giving birth where crazy and would probably never fly in the U.S. When they pressured the mother to get the procedure to not have children anymore i was not only heart broken for her but angry. Many times through the film i kept thinking to myself how many law suites there would be if this was in the united states. Just the fact that the babies where sharing beds with the mother and other mothers also would probably have most outraged in the states. It just goes to show how different things are in other countries till this day.


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