Supersize Me

This film is extremely disturbing and painful to watch, especially since i have recently given up McDonald’s for good. Just knowing that is the food that I used to put into my body, and i know that it is different now because there is no more supersize option but the chemicals and operation of the company is still the same. The company really doesn’t care for their clientele as long as they are still providing them with profit. This man pretty much risked his life to help try to prove a point and try to change the way that McDonald’s functions. Towards the end of the film he was constantly trying to contact someone from the higher end of the company to get an interview and he NEVER got any type of response or attempt of getting contacted back. It’s crazy how these big corporations really don’t care about the health and well being of their consumers just as long as the continue to receive their income. Big businesses never wanna be faced with the fact that they could have done something wrong or be in ┬áthe mist of bad publicity. Everything pretty much needs to always be honky dory with their image and the way that they run things, in their eyes if anything bad or wrong happens its because of the faults of the consumers. This film was very difficult to watch and take in all the information especially since I have been eating this food ever since I could remember. And even when I see children eating fast food now that I am not eating it anymore it really bothers me to see them ingesting these FAKE foods, because that’s basically exactly what it is , it’s nothing but processed junk, there’s nothing real about it.

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