10 Minutes older

This short film was very entertaining for me, since I am a teacher’s assistant. On a daily basis I constantly see all different types of facial expressions based on the different things that we do with them. Children are very fascinating and complex individuals, they are constantly observing and learning everything that is around them. Everything to them is brand new seeing how everything is a new experience. Children have no type of filter, they say whatever comes to mind and they aren’t afraid to say what they feel or see. They are 100% open minded because they don’t know anything other than trying new things and asking questions since they have no experiences to base their judgments against. This film was a little intense to an extent, mainly because I’m not sure how ethical it is to purposely scare a child to the point of hysterics constantly just for the purpose of a film. Then again I don’t know what the agreement before hand was between the director and the child’s parents, they may have given the director full range to conduct his experiment. which is another way to look at how things are done with children from the ages of birth to I would say about the age of 3 everything is a huge experiment on what they like, dislike, etc. I also kind of wish that there would have been a part two to this documentary to get the child to explain what they saw and how they felt about it. That is also fun to hear the way in which a child at that young age explains things seeing how they don’t always have all the appropriate words to describe things.

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  • May 23, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    I was really questioning if the parents knew what film was being shown as well. The child seemed scared through a lot of the time. I do agree though i work with kids too and everything changes by the min from their facial expressions to their mood so i did think about maybe that could of been the case in this film as well.


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