Stories We Tell

I’ve had my mind on this film for a little while now. I was thinking as to whether or not i’d watch another documentary and write about that or write about this one. The reason for that being is the actress/film maker Sarah Polley starts out seeming to want to make a film about the mother she never really knew. Her mother was also an actress with a story you probably wouldn’t want to make public. I keep asking myself why. Why would you risk tainting the way everyone saw her mother? She incidentally found out her father was not her biological relative. Through her research she eventually comes across her biological father and another man who was sleeping with her mother while she was married. Who knows what else she had done in secret. I think to myself usually when a woman gets demonized for infidelity the argument i hear if it had been a guy he would of been “the man” but that’s not the way i think. Men should absolutely be demonized for their transgressions, just as harshly. we live in a constantly evolving world where we should slowly mold ourselves into what we want to be. We all have faults, i have a huge problem with procrastination i can admit that freely. I overthink almost every aspect of my life and in the end i feel i haven’t achieved anything just getting lost in thought. In doing so i cause myself great anxiety. So in a way stories we tell reminds me of what i just did. Tell a story about myself that does not serve a purpose.

Grizzly Man

It’s hard to say what exactly are my feelings for this Documentary. Initially i thought to myself Mr Treadwell is a very caring, compassionate individual. A courageous man who dared to live among the wild. He even befriended a family of Foxes. His intentions to “protect bears” was admirable. Although there were many things i didn’t agree with as well. The park ranger said there were barely ever poachers up there, so why that location? The natives said he was doing more harm than good. He was Inadvertently getting the Animals too comfortable with Humans. I really did not agree with him dragging other individuals up there unarmed and risking their lives. Treadwell at times seemed unhinged, As if he wanted to die in a place he loved. He often repeated that he might die in that location but he kept going back. year after year he returned as if this place was his salvation from drugs. While it may have done that what difference does it make if it lead to the same outcome. I think that is what Herzog was trying to tell us, That life isn’t about us individually. It is about what we leave behind to mourn us. Herzog, while respectful of Mr. Treadwells family and friends he was also at the same time critical of Timothys actions. Every source he spoke with said it was a bad idea. Family members saying he had drug problems, may have even lost some of his sanity living in the wilderness by himself. I feel like Timothy wanted to die, by the end his relationship was failing, Park services apparently turned against him. He didn’t seem to be enjoying that last year up there. But now we’ll never know.

Billions In Change

In a Documentary that means to Save the world by solving the Worlds biggest needs. Water, Energy, and Health. Manoj Bhargava is the billionaire CEO of 5 hour energy and he has a plan to save the world. He owns Several facilities but 1 specifically for innovations. Documentaries like this one give me hope for a better future. One invention that Particularly interests me in the Desalinization machine that he intends to put on a Barge. The Barge that would suck water directly from the Ocean turn it into Fresh water then using retractable pipes could bring water inland to places suffering from drought. Once the need is fulfilled it can retract its pipe and move elsewhere in the world that are facing Devastating Droughts e.g. the middle east where children are dying from lack of water. Assisting Farmers, filling reservoirs. there are so many applications for this Invention i’m surprised it hasn’t received more attention. Another amazing is a Exercise bike, After peddling for an hour your house has power for the next 24 hours. The reason i find this invention so incredible is that 2 of the most proliferate ¬†problems in the United Stated is Obesity and its reliance on fossil fuels. This invention addresses both. Although i do not favor our current trade agreement i believe something like this can be very useful to the whole world. So if we have to Temporarily have Manufacturing in China, Mexico, or India we could make this technology cheaper and more accessible to the whole world. There is technology on here i have already seen is his last one that Promotes health and a version of it is currently used in hospitals where inflatable ankle cuffs inflate and deflate to help increase blood flow in Distal Extremities. These inventions are amazing and hope to see more of them in the future.

In the Mind of Plants

In the Mind of Plants is a documentary by Jacques Mitsch that contradicts the Idea that Plants don’t exist as we do with a mind, body, and nervous system. in an incident in Africa where Kudu were mysteriously dying. During the Dry season the Kudu would eat the Acacia, a local type of bush. Only in the Ranches where the Kudu were high in number did this occur. After intensive research The Acacia plant was found to be the culprit. Amazing that this Bush decided the amount of Kudu needed to be culled for its own survival. The plant did this by increasing the amount of Tannin (a Molecule used to defend itself from leaf feeding insects and paracytes.) the bushes also Communicated by releasing Ethylene that would get caught in the wind and warn the plants down wind. There was another idea that the More Genes an Organism has the more evolved it was. Humans ended up having 26000 Genes but then later on rice was found to have over 50,000 genes. Scientists almost gave up on that idea. Then i began to think to myself plants pre-date us so why can’t this be true that Plants are actually further evolved than we are. 1. they’ve already fully accepted the idea that renewable energy is the way to go Through Photosynthesis 2. they can live for thousands of years 3. They don’t have to work a 9-5 or pay taxes.
That was just a joke, or was it? i really enjoyed that idea that Plants live in their own version of reality and only are perceived as Slow because there concept of time is different than ours. There are Plants that Dance to music, not the way Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Dances but its still very Graceful and pleasing to the eye. Our world is truly remarkable and the idea that plants are communicating chemically like the Acacia And ¬†Oak tree. Oak Trees used Chemical warfare to kill off any tree that would grow too close to it. I highly recommend This Documentary it’s very enlightening. Plants also Sleep, and if deprived of sleep they would die. the Chemical for example that puts the Albizzia to sleep is called Potassium Cheledonate. It seems like its time for Humans to get off their high horse before the plants turn against us. I hope as a species we can learn to create a balance with the ecosystem and understand that every being animal, plant, and insect have a purpous. Except Mosquitos, they can die in a fire.