Grizzly Man

It’s hard to say what exactly are my feelings for this Documentary. Initially i thought to myself Mr Treadwell is a very caring, compassionate individual. A courageous man who dared to live among the wild. He even befriended a family of Foxes. His intentions to “protect bears” was admirable. Although there were many things i didn’t agree with as well. The park ranger said there were barely ever poachers up there, so why that location? The natives said he was doing more harm than good. He was Inadvertently getting the Animals too comfortable with Humans. I really did not agree with him dragging other individuals up there unarmed and risking their lives. Treadwell at times seemed unhinged, As if he wanted to die in a place he loved. He often repeated that he might die in that location but he kept going back. year after year he returned as if this place was his salvation from drugs. While it may have done that what difference does it make if it lead to the same outcome. I think that is what Herzog was trying to tell us, That life isn’t about us individually. It is about what we leave behind to mourn us. Herzog, while respectful of Mr. Treadwells family and friends he was also at the same time critical of Timothys actions. Every source he spoke with said it was a bad idea. Family members saying he had drug problems, may have even lost some of his sanity living in the wilderness by himself. I feel like Timothy wanted to die, by the end his relationship was failing, Park services apparently turned against him. He didn’t seem to be enjoying that last year up there. But now we’ll never know.

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  • April 4, 2017 at 10:27 am

    I completely agree with you, I had such a hard time pin pointing my exact feelings on Timothy Treadwell. All I can really think of to sum up my feelings for him after watching the film in it’s entirety is that he was a lost soul. I also found Herzog’s representation on him to be respectful but I agree he also wanted a message to be represented through this film. A few people in class where saying they feel bad for the girlfriend for being “dragged along” with him that is where I disagree, she had a choice shes a grown adult who admitted to being scared of bears she went up on her own. Parts of me where a little annoyed with his loved ones and family members while watching this film because multiple times I heard from each of them how after his alcohol and drug issues he wasn’t ever really the same. Again I understand he was an adult but I just think maybe someone could of tried to talk him out of this or at least find a safer alternative.. if there is one. It was interesting to me that from your perspective you thought Timothy wanted to die because from mine I thought the complete opposite. I wouldn’t go as far as to call him arrogant but I do feel he himself started to believe he was unstoppable up there and that no one including the bears could harm him. His sense of reality was definitely altered to say the least, especially when he’d say things like he was the only thing “protecting” the bears, where as we saw first hand in the film he kind of just acted as a by stander for the most part. Regardless of what may or may not have been actually wrong with him, the outcome of his story was a very sad one.

  • April 4, 2017 at 10:56 am

    Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog tells the story of Timothy Treadwell, an ecologist and documentary filmmaker who for 13 summers lived and filmed the grizzly bears known in English as Grizzly Bears and whose biological name is Ursus arctos horribilis: horrible northern bears. Treadwell lived and filmed the Grizzly for more than a decade. Until one of them devoured it. Him and his girlfriend Amy. Counted in this way would seem a heroic story. But it’s not like that. The documentary, which is undoubtedly the best of last year, portrays Treadwell as a deeply disturbed man, completely disconnected from reality, who prefers to live with the bears so as not to confront their inner demons, their complexes and contradictions. As the demon of a possible homosexuality not admitted, as he himself suggests in the film.
    “I would have always wanted to be gay. It would have been much easier. Gays have no problems. You just have to go to bathrooms and truck stops to have sex. It is much easier for them”. However, whether it was or not, it matters little. Herzog is interested in the portrait of a tormented person who flees from a society in which he does not fit, and who tries to sublimate his problems with the subterfuge of a struggle for his ideals, in this case, the protection of brown bears . The intention of Herzog is to tell the life of a man who pretended to know the language of the wild beasts, who believed to have the gift of making rain through prayer and sleeping in his tent, in the open, embracing his bear Teddy. How, in thirteen years, no one stopped him and put him headlong into a psychiatrist’s office?
    After all, it’s a documentary by Herzog, who has no problem intervening in the plot and even comparing himself with Treadwell. Except that Herzog differs in Treadwell’s view of nature. Herzog finds no intelligence or humanity in the brown bears, famous for their ferocity as predators. Herzog knows that they are machines of death, guided by instinct and those who are interested only in two things: eating and reproducing.
    Treadwell, on the other hand, with his unbearable little son-in-law and his deranged singsong of how much he loves animals.

  • April 4, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    I have an interesting theory that he simply shifted his addiction. He went from I believe he was an alcoholic to becoming addicted to those bears. He would get extremely possessive of them and in fact seemed hostile towards any other group involved in their lives, he chose to ignore the reality of the situation for a preferred fantasy world (them needing him and that he was their friends) and most interesting was because of the situation he isolated himself from any sport system only to become even more deeply involved in the bears. He with the exception of the poor girl he got killed isolated himself from humanity and lived like a leper . He even had a full friendship with someone who didn’t know the truth of his life and had other psychic systems. In the end I think he was a deeply troubled person who got another killed via his own stupidity


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