In the Mind of Plants

In the Mind of Plants is a documentary by Jacques Mitsch that contradicts the Idea that Plants don’t exist as we do with a mind, body, and nervous system. in an incident in Africa where Kudu were mysteriously dying. During the Dry season the Kudu would eat the Acacia, a local type of bush. Only in the Ranches where the Kudu were high in number did this occur. After intensive research The Acacia plant was found to be the culprit. Amazing that this Bush decided the amount of Kudu needed to be culled for its own survival. The plant did this by increasing the amount of Tannin (a Molecule used to defend itself from leaf feeding insects and paracytes.) the bushes also Communicated by releasing Ethylene that would get caught in the wind and warn the plants down wind. There was another idea that the More Genes an Organism has the more evolved it was. Humans ended up having 26000 Genes but then later on rice was found to have over 50,000 genes. Scientists almost gave up on that idea. Then i began to think to myself plants pre-date us so why can’t this be true that Plants are actually further evolved than we are. 1. they’ve already fully accepted the idea that renewable energy is the way to go Through Photosynthesis 2. they can live for thousands of years 3. They don’t have to work a 9-5 or pay taxes.
That was just a joke, or was it? i really enjoyed that idea that Plants live in their own version of reality and only are perceived as Slow because there concept of time is different than ours. There are Plants that Dance to music, not the way Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Dances but its still very Graceful and pleasing to the eye. Our world is truly remarkable and the idea that plants are communicating chemically like the Acacia And ¬†Oak tree. Oak Trees used Chemical warfare to kill off any tree that would grow too close to it. I highly recommend This Documentary it’s very enlightening. Plants also Sleep, and if deprived of sleep they would die. the Chemical for example that puts the Albizzia to sleep is called Potassium Cheledonate. It seems like its time for Humans to get off their high horse before the plants turn against us. I hope as a species we can learn to create a balance with the ecosystem and understand that every being animal, plant, and insect have a purpous. Except Mosquitos, they can die in a fire.










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  • March 7, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    I’ve actually watched this documentary as well. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. First of all, for all our studying we barely know anything about other living things . People used to say animals don’t feel pain in the same way they now say plants do not feel pain. Just because plants do not release audio cues does not mean they don’t have pain responses. Pain for all species is a chemical release that causes a reaction, usually negative, that is all it is. It is part of why I don’t agree with being vegan because of pain and killing reasons. Killing for food is a part of nature. I only respect the people who eat things that do not harm plants or animals. Such as fruitarians and such. Solely because they are not being hypocrites. I’m alright with people also being against factory farming because it is unneeded cruetly most of the time for our food and is really unnatural. Over the years of my growth and starting to become more of a scientific mind I’ve gotten much more open and accepting of the different forms of life on the planet. I used to despise insects but now I respect them all as beautiful miracles of nature, I can even find some of them cute. It’s really sad how uneducated some people are about it. My mother and her friend didn’t realize that insects are animals.. They didn’t realize that insects have blood, flesh, all that, it’s just that they have a skeleton on the outside protecting them instead of inside. I went on a tangent but basically yes, people don’t give plants enough credit. They are living creatures just like you and I. They just work differently and we’re starting to understand more and more such as dancing plants and natural population control functions. It’s quite fascinating.


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