Billions In Change

In a Documentary that means to Save the world by solving the Worlds biggest needs. Water, Energy, and Health. Manoj Bhargava is the billionaire CEO of 5 hour energy and he has a plan to save the world. He owns Several facilities but 1 specifically for innovations. Documentaries like this one give me hope for a better future. One invention that Particularly interests me in the Desalinization machine that he intends to put on a Barge. The Barge that would suck water directly from the Ocean turn it into Fresh water then using retractable pipes could bring water inland to places suffering from drought. Once the need is fulfilled it can retract its pipe and move elsewhere in the world that are facing Devastating Droughts e.g. the middle east where children are dying from lack of water. Assisting Farmers, filling reservoirs. there are so many applications for this Invention i’m surprised it hasn’t received more attention. Another amazing is a Exercise bike, After peddling for an hour your house has power for the next 24 hours. The reason i find this invention so incredible is that 2 of the most proliferate ┬áproblems in the United Stated is Obesity and its reliance on fossil fuels. This invention addresses both. Although i do not favor our current trade agreement i believe something like this can be very useful to the whole world. So if we have to Temporarily have Manufacturing in China, Mexico, or India we could make this technology cheaper and more accessible to the whole world. There is technology on here i have already seen is his last one that Promotes health and a version of it is currently used in hospitals where inflatable ankle cuffs inflate and deflate to help increase blood flow in Distal Extremities. These inventions are amazing and hope to see more of them in the future.

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