Currently sitting in our last class thinking about everything we’ve done and all the different films we’ve watched. I’ve definitely enjoyed this course and learning about films makes me look at other films differently. Different in a way of greater understanding. I’m sure many if not all of you will agree with me. The most interesting film to me was “Highschool” due to the reason it was so raw and familiar to my past experience. Least enjoyed film was “Act of killing” found it disturbing and unnecessary. I understand that there’re some crazy people out there who enjoy and think of acting in that manner but don’t think it should be recreated in form of entertainment. Highly recommended to take this course if looking for a different experience in college plus it’s a writing intensive course and WE NEED THAT. –ROB, OUT.

Joy in killing?

Act of Killing is the most disturbing film we have seen. I say that because it wasn’t like the film we saw about the Nazis that showed all perspectives of the soldiers and the victims. This film only tells us what they did to kill the people. They glorified the way they would torture and kill the people of Indonesia. We didn’t get any history background of the event. The main focus was to highlight how Anwar Congo a gangster in Indonesia used to kill all the people. The film didn’t have a purpose even if the purpose was to show the bad things that happen in the even why do it by filming Anwar try to create a movie reenacting all the ways he killed? Seems absurd to try and give fame to such people.

David Psycho Harris

David Harris is insane knew it from the moment they first showed his face on the film. The look on his face just gives off that “ I’m crazy” vibe. The way he would describe what’s he’s done was too nonchalant. Killed a cop went to his friends to brag as if it was a life accomplishment. He thought the husband he killed was crazy for trying to rescue his girlfriend by chasing down David with a gun after kidnapping his girl right in front of him. Common sense and the knowledge of morals are absent in his brain. I’m actually surprised he was smart enough to blame Randall Adams for the murder of the cop. In the end he got what he deserved he got too many chances. Who spent eleven years in prison and didn’t receive a penny after his exoneration. I did some research couldn’t find any source as to why he did not qualify for the money.

Grizzly Obsession

Grizzly Man was quite interesting to watch. It’ll have me in two different types of moods I was either laughing or alert that he might suddenly die. He’s the only person I’ve acknowledged to try to have such close relationships with animals to the point where he’ll dedicate most of his life in living with them. Although I’m pretty sure he was on some type of drug through out all of his films he did have a special connections with these animals. He had pet fox that would play with him as if they were housedogs. Have to give the man credit where it’s due not many are brave enough to do what he did for thirteen years of his life live in the woods with all types of animals and giving up living in a comfortable home. His reason for his actions was to protect the endangered animals but seems to me like he was obsessed with the wild.

Back to my Homeland!

Just extremely hype knowing that I’ll be going to spend spring break in the Dominican Republic. Haven’t gone in about ten years and I’m celebrating my birthday during my visit as well. Escape from this snow and bipolar weather we’ve been having all winter in New York. Although I’ve been there before and lived there as a child my friends are telling me that it’s going to be a new experience since i’m an adult now. My 4 friends and I are about to go all out might rent a yacht for a day and rent 4-wheelers for our entire stay. The dollar is worth 46times what it’s worth here so I guess you can say we’ll be pretty wealthy out there. Only thing I asked my friends for my birthday was to eliminate the word “no” from their vocabulary for those 9 days. Booked this vacation since December now that it’s only 23 days away. I’m about to be LIT!

Highschool In Philly

Well in that film there isn’t anything similar to how my high school experience was. They had more personal relationships with the students giving opinions on colleges and talking about their relationships to them. Girls and boys had separate sexual education classes nowadays we have everything together. The way the teachers spoke to the students just felt REAL nowadays most teachers are like programmed robots. The way the documentary was filmed was obviously observatory justing recording a day in school as it went without any input. Although I have to say there were times that the camera would zoom in at awkward moments like when he zoomed into the girls’ behinds during their gym class. I don’t know what was the point of that. Maybe that’s why it was banned from Philly for some time? But overall it showed all aspects of what a day in school would be. Wish it was like that everywhere teaching us how to survive out in the REAL WORLD not trying to teach us things we’ll never need or forcing us to take classes out of our interest besides basic reading and math all those other classes aren’t necessary. Future kids in highschool should be able to choose their field of interest from the moment they apply. I personally don’t remember half the things I learned in global history or earth science. Do you?