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While watching the two movies on the same subject matter of the Holocaust, I had two completely different reactions to each. The First film, Night and Fog, I felt almost indifferent to what I was seeing. I think because the film was set up and shot in an informational way I didn’t really take much from it. It was almost the same for me as reading a textbook on the subject matter, which I’ve done so much that it doesn’t seem to phase me anymore. On the other hand the second film, Shoah, affected me more because it was shot with the intention of appealing to your emotions. Hearing first hand accounts from actual survivors and their family members was more personal and allowed me to relate to the atrocities they endured and had to watch their fellow men, women, and children face all at the hand of other human beings. At the end of both movies though I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How could the world watch this and all the other human genocides occur without uttering a word?”

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  • March 3, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    I totally agree with you, I think Shoah impacted more and had a lot of more jizz to the whole holocaust. It impacted more and gave the feeling of a nostalgic and bad perspective of the holocaust, since it encounter real first hand experience. The documentary was based on the people who survived the horrific part of the holocaust, when they were brought to the concentration camps. My thoughts after watching the documentary is that it gives the viewer a more engaged and thoughtful perspective of how cruel the concentration camps were. Why wouldn’t the world watch it , the holocaust did happened and were so lucky to be able to hear what happened by the survivors and their testimonies of what went on. In regards with the documentary I do feel like the producer who made the film and who was asking the questions to the survivors should not taken that personal, and try to ask them to remember, inclusive, he made a man cry. But at the same time, would the documentary still be interesting and powerful with the personal interviews and questions? In addition, this film impacted my life in such a way, I wanted to learn more about the holocaust. I went to visit the holocaust center, right here in the college. The Kupferberg Holocaust Center. It really did helped me in the question I had. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the holocaust and have a interest in it,you sure can go and visit it.


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